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The Selection Committee, in its meeting held today, has selected the shooters listed below for London Olympic Games 2012. A total of 11 shooters would be participating in 9 events of Rifle/Pistol and Shotgun. It would be first time that a woman Trap shooter would participate in Olympic Games since the start of Quota system in 1988. It is also first time, that India is following the norm of “Quota belongs to Country and not to the person who won it”. Based on this principal, a Selection Policy was prepared in 2011. Shooters took part in various national and international competitions as prescribed in the Selection Policy and on the basis of calculations of various scores shooters have been selected. Hariom Singh who won the Quota in 50M Rifle Prone event could not be selected as he ranked 3rd in this event. Joydeep Karmakar, who is leading in this event, has been selected. Similarly, Imran Hasan Khan who won the Quota in 50M Rifle 3 Position is ranked 3rd in this event is not selected.

The Selection Committee has decided that Quota won in 50M Rifle 3 Position will be exchanged with Air Pistol women event as Committee felt that India has a better chance of winning medal in Air Pistol Women. As per ISSF Rule, a country is allowed to exchange one Quota won by its shooters with another Quota, subject to its availability and confirmation by ISSF. The NRAI would be sending its request to ISSF for exchange of Quota of 50M Rifle 3 P with Air Pistol Women shortly. Heena Sidhu was selected for Air Pistol women event. Gagan Narang and Sanjeev Rajput will be participating in 50M Rifle 3 Position. Sanjeev Rajput is a Quota holder in this event.

Selected shooters would also be participating in other events where they have obtained MQS. Gagan Narang would be participating in three events although he has won Quota in Air Rifle event. Annuraj Singh will be participating in Sports Pistol women.

List of selected shooters:

Air Rifle Men 50M Rifle 3 Position Men

Gagan Narang Gagan Narang

Abhinav Bindra Sanjeev Rajput

50M Rifle Prone Air Pistol Women

Joydeep Karmakar Annuraj Singh

Gagan Narang Heena Sidhu


Sports Pistol – Rahi Sarnobat, Annuraj Singh

Trap Men - Manavjit Singh Sandhu


Double Trap - Ronjan Sodhi Trap Women - Shagun Chowdhary


Rapid Fire Pistol – Vijay Kumar


It was further decided to keep one shooter as reserve category in each event for unforeseen circumstances only. It is clarified that at no stage selected shooter will be replaced with reserve shooter on the basis of merit. Such replacements shall be made as a consequence of force majeure only. The following shooters were selected, based on their ranking:

1. 3 P Men – Imran Hasan Khan

2. Prone Men – Sushil Ghaley

3. Air Rifle Men – Sateyendra Singh

4. Rapid Fire Pistol – Pemba Tamang

5. Sports Pistol – Anisa Sayyed

6. Air Pistol Women – Shweta Chaudhary

7. Trap Men – Anirudh Singh

8. Double Trap – RVS Rathore

9. Trap Women – Seema Tomar


The following Coaches would accompany the Indian Team during Olympic

1. Mr. Stanislav Lapidus – Rifle Coach

2. Mr. Anatoly Piddubnyl – Pistol Coach

3. Mr. Smirnov Pavel – Pistol Coach

4. Mr. Marcello Dradi – Shotgun Coach

5. Mr. Heniz Reinkemier – Rifle Coach

6. Prof Sunny Thomas – National Coach

7. Mr. Amarjang Singh – Shotgun Coach

8. Mr. Moraad Ali Khan – Shotgun Coach