The Governing Body of NRAI, on the recommendations of the Athlete Commission, in its meeting held on 3rd April 2019 has decided the following: 

Import of extra barrel of .22lr caliber along with the "big bore" target rifle and .32 Centre Fire Pistol 

Renowned shooters, at the time of importing big bore target rifle will be allowed to import one .22 LR barrel with bolt assembly to enable firing of .22 long rifle rime fire cartridges. The overall limit of extra barrel shall remain ONE only. This will help the shooters to train on 50M range. 

Similarly, the Renowned shooters in Centre Fire Pistol events will be allowed to import extra barrel of .22 LR Pistol, for use in Standard Pistol & Rapid Fire Pistol events. 
Shooters, desirous of availing services of a particular coach from the SAI approved panel in a preparatory camp for international competition: 

Any shooter(senior or junior), selected for an international competition, may request for services of a particular SAI empanelled coach (senior or junior) for training during the coaching camp prior to departure of the team for international completion. The request must be sent in writing to NRAI before 30 days prior to start of the camp. This is not applicable to personal coaches, who are not on SAI approved panel. 

Training of National Squad shooters in different events

It was decided that If a shooter is part of NSQ then he/she can be trained in other events in the same category, if the shooter, in consultation with the coach decides that he/she can compete in other similar events too.