The Governing Body of NRAI in its meeting held on 29th September 2018 has revised the Shooter ID Registration Fee and norms as under:
The Shooters ID Registration Fee Rs. 500/- plus 18% GST.
The registration will be valid for five years from the date of issue of ID Registration. The validity of existing ID Registration as on 30thSeptember 2018, would be valid till 30th September 2023. Shooters are required to renewal their registration as on 1st October 2023 after payment of Rs. 500/- plus GST prevailing at that time. 
In case of any amendment in registration details, the amendment fee will be Rs.500/- plus GST.
The above fees are applicable w.e.f 1st October 2018.
The Registration fee for shooters, who file their registration form before 23.59.00 hours as on 30th September 2018 with complete documents, will be processed with a fee of Rs. 150/-. Incomplete registration forms are liable for rejection and registration fee as per revised rates will be collected.