The NRAI is receiving requests from shooters to postpone the coaching camps or their inability to attend the coaching camps which are being organized by NRAI for the members of National Squad.
The matter was discussed with the Athlete Committee of NRAI about absence of shooters from the coaching camps or postponement of the camp.
The Athlete Committee is of the firm opinion that under no circumstances any coaching camp should be cancelled and NRAI should strictly follow the schedule and rule of minimum attendance of 85% as laid down in Selection Policy should be adhered.
For the benefit of shooters, clause 21 of Selection Policy is reproduced as under:
21.  Coaching Camps:   It would be mandatory for NSQ Members / Selected Shooters to attend Coaching Camps and ensure a minimum attendance of 85% - failing which  s/ he would not be permitted to go to the next international competition. 
In view of the above, shooters are advised to attend the Coaching Camps as and when organized by NRAI for the members of National Squad.