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  • Selection Trials for Shotgun events 2018

    NRAI, Jan,11 2018 : It has been decided that ranking for women shotgun shooters, after conduct of two selection trials, will be calculated on the basis of three scores shot during 61 NSCC (out of 75 birds) and two  selection trials (out of 125). The selection of National Squad and international teams will be done on the basis of ranking achieved on basis of average of scores of these three scores. The earlier decision of conducting trial for 50 birds on 12th January 2018 stands cancelled.

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    NRAI, Jan,11 2018 : The following amendments are made in the Selection Policies, which were approved by the Governing Body on 7th October 2017.

    In view of the changes in rules by ISSF recently, the following new MQS have been fixed for Selection Trials/MTS. The new scores are only a pro-rata increase – proportionate increase of the originally approved score.

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  • Coaching Camp for Junior Shotgun National Squad Shooters -January 2018

    NRAI,NEW DELHI, Jan,10 2018 : This is to inform you that a coaching camp is being organized at Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Ranges, New Delhi from 27th January to 8th February 2018 for Junior Shotgun National Squad Shooters.

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    NRAI,NEW DELHI, Jan,09 2018 :

    Schedule for 12th Jan 2018. 

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    NRAI,NEW DELHI, Jan,07 2018 : The Organizing Committee of Commonwealth Games 2018 has reduced the quota of Indian athletes for participation in Commonwealth Games 2018. A quota of 135 athletes has been allocated for Indian athletes. Despite repeated persuasion at various levels, the Organizing Committee has not enhanced the quota for Indian athletes. Accordingly, the Indian Olympic Association has reduced the number of athletes in every discipline. The Shooting event has been allocated 27 slots (15 Men and 12 Women) for all rifle/pistol and shotgun events compared to Commonwealth Games 2014 where 30 shooters (17 Men a...
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  • Ist KHELO INDIA 2017

    NRAI, Jan,04 2018 : The Shooters as per revised list have been selected by the Organising Committee of Khelo India.

    Shooters are requested to contact state units of School Games Federation of India in their respective states for further details. Details of contact persons are attached. Shooters selected by SGFI / CBSE may sent their details to SGFI / CBSE directly.

    Shooters selected by NSF are requested to submit their track suit size and other details immediately on so that same are forwarded to Organising Committee. Format is attached herewith.(P...
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    NRAI Delhi, Jan,02 2018 :
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  • Shotgun Shooting Calender 2018-2019 updated as on 30.12.2017

    NRAI, Dec,30 2017 :
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  • Selection Trials 1 & 2 for Rifle/Pistol events at New Delhi for Seniors/Juniors and Youth (Men and Women)

    NRAI, Dec,29 2017 : It has been decided to hold two selection trials no. 1 & 2 for senior and junior events at Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Ranges, New Delhi from 11th to 21st January 2018 as per the program attached. These trials will be organized and conducted by NRAI. Shooters who have achieved the scores as per annexure “A” during the following competitions as per Selection Policy 2018 will be allowed to participate in these trials.

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  • ISSF to lobby Birmingham 2022 and CGF to have shooting restored to program

    NRAI, Dec,27 2017 : International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) secretary general Franz Schreiber has admitted the governing body is "very disappointed" at the decision by Birmingham 2022 to omit the sport from the Commonwealth Games programme.
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  • Circular for Shotgun Selection Trials 1 and 2 - New Delhi

    NRAI,NEW DELHI, Dec,27 2017 :
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  • New ISSF Rules for Women Events

    NRAI, Dec,18 2017 :
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  • Mr D V Seetharama Rao, Secretary General NRAI elected as Joint Secretary Indian Olympic Association

    NRAI, Dec,14 2017 : Mr D V Seetharama Rao, Secretary General NRAI has been elected as Joint Secretary of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) today. The elections were held at IOA headquarter in New Delhi. 

    Our heartiest congratulations to Mr D V Seetharama Rao.

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    NRAI, Dec,10 2017 : On the recommendations of Technical Committee, the Governing Body of NRAI in its meeting held on 8th October 2017 has approved the following amendments in NRAI Match Book 2016 and existing Selection Policy 2017 for Rifle/Pistol events as under:

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  • Selection Trials in Senior Shotgun Events.

    NRAI,NEW DELHI, Dec,06 2017 : The list of top 18 shooters of 61st NSCC in each event of Shotgun section is being published herewith. 

    All the shooters are advised to send their confirmation by email to The last date of sending the confirmation is 12th December 2017. 

    In case no confirmation is received before the deadline then slot/s will be filled with next rank shooters. "In case of absence of these additional shooters, the trials will be conducted for the shooters who confirm their participation and slots will be left vacant.” 

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  • Ministry of Finance notification 146/94 amended.

    NRAI, Nov,15 2017 : The Ministry of Finance vide it’s notification dated 14 November 2017 has clarified on duty exemption certificates issued by NRAI.

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    NRAI, Nov,13 2017 :
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    NRAI,NEW DELHI, Nov,10 2017 : The Governing Body in its meeting held on 7th October 2017 approved the Selection Policy 2017-18 (Senior Shotgun) Events. This policy is effective from 14th November 2017.

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  • Elections of office bearers of NRAI

    NRAI, Nov,02 2017 : The letter dated 30th Oct 2017 received from Ministry of Youth Affairs is placed foe information of all concerned.

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    NRAI Delhi, Sep,05 2017 : The latest ranking of Rifle/Pistol(Juniors) for Air Weapon only Events are attached herewith. 

    Shooters are requested to go through their respective ranking. Please inform NRAI in case of any discrepancy, immediately. 

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    NRAI, Aug,16 2017 : The latest provisional score of Rifle/Pistol (Senior) Events are attached herewith. 

    Shooters are requested to go through their respective ranking. Please inform NRAI in case of any discrepancy, immediately. 

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  • General Advisory to All Renowned Shot Athletes who are importing Arms and Ammunition

    NRAI, Aug,10 2017 : It has been brought to our  notice by Mr. Baba P S Bedi, Skeet shooter that on 29th July 2017 he had transferred Euros 4920 to M/s Philippos Constantinides Trading , Cyprus for the purchase of 15000 rounds of skeet ammunition.

    Mr. Baba P.S.Bedi has also informed that the e-mail account of the supplier was hacked and that the invoice sent to him was fraudulent and further that the amount that he had transferred was credited to an hackers account.

    This General Advisory is issued so that importers are cautious when doing transfer of funds.
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  • Information of athletes returning from abroad training/competition to NADA-reg

    NRAI,NEW DELHI, Jul,20 2017 :
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  • Appointment of a Foreign Coach in the discipline of Shooting in Trap and Double Trap event (Junior category)-Advertisement regarding.

    NRAI,NEW DELHI, Jul,20 2017 :
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  • ISSF praises NRAI for successfully hosting shooting WC

    NRAI, Mar,18 2017 : The National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) has got words of praise by International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) vice president for successfully organizing a 'full' World Cup in New Delhi last month.
    Please click this link
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  • National Squad 2017 (Rifle/Pistol)

    NRAI Delhi, Mar,07 2017 : The National Squad for (Rifle/Pistol) in Senior/Junior/Youth events for the year 2017 has been constituted as per the Selection Policy (Rifle/Pistol).Copies are attached herewith.

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  • ISSF Executive Committee and Administrative Council meet to discuss Tokyo 2020 Olympic Program recommendations

    NRAI, Feb,21 2017 : The ISSF Executive Committee and the ISSF Administrative Council will meet in New Delhi, India, on 21 and 22 February 2017, to discuss the ISSF Ad Hoc Committee conclusions and further consider all factors and opinions regarding recommendations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic shooting program that the ISSF will submit to the IOC before its 28 February 2017 deadline.

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  • IOC/ISSF National Training Systems Development Project 2017 in Bar, MNE from October 12-18, 2017

    NRAI Delhi, Feb,09 2017 :

    The ISSF is proudto announce the IOC/ISSF National Training Systems Development Project 2017 andwe would like to invite you to nominate your candidates for this Course.

    The purpose ofthis Course is to assist member federations in developing a systematic and comprehensivetraining programme for national teams....
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    NRAI Delhi, Jan,31 2017 : We have been receiving requests from various shooters for inclusion of their names in the ranking list put up by us on the website.  It is informed that shooters, whose ranking is within 50, have included in the ranking list and shooters below the ranking of 50 have not been shown in the ranking list.
    All such shooters are requested not to send any e-mail for inclusion of their name in the ranking list as they have not achieved the rank in first 50 positions.

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    NRAI, Nov,29 2016 : The Governing Body of NRAI in its meeting held on 5th November 2016 has fixed specifications for Big Bore Rifles as under:
    a. The Rifle must have Match Trigger.
    b. The Rifle must have minimum barrel length of 24 inches (610 mm) without extension  piece.
    c. The minimum diameter of Barrel should be 22mm (0.866 inch)
    d. The Rifle must have adjustable target stock or Target System stock.
    e. The Rifle must be single shot (Rigid single shot action with no provision for  magazine).
    f. The caliber/bore must be as p...
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  • Tokyo 2020: ISSF Ad-Hoc Committee releases Shooting program recommendations

    ISSF, Nov,25 2016 : The ISSF Ad Hoc Committee released its recommendations to establish gender equality in the Olympic Program.
    The ISSF Ad-Hoc Committee, meeting in Munich, Germany, released today its recommendations to establish gender equality in the Olympic Program.  These recommendations are in response to the requirements of the International Olympic Committee’s Agenda 2020. The IOC is now working with International Federations “to achieve 50 per cent female participation in the Olympic Games and to stimulate women’s participation and involvement in sport by creating more participation opportun...
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    NRAI Delhi, Jul,22 2016 : The Ministry of Home Affairs has notified Arms Rules vide notification no. GSR 701 (E) dated 15th July 2016.

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  • President NRAI awarded the "President Button" - the ISSF's highest honour

    NRAI, Jun,30 2016 : During the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) Executive Committee meeting held at Moscow, Russia on 29th June 2016, the ISSF President Olegario Vazquez Rana awarded the "President Button" - the ISSF's highest honour - to Mr. Raninder Singh, President NRAI and Executive Committee Member ISSF along with Mr. Kevin Kilty from Ireland in recognition of their hard work for and support to the ISSF.

    During the meeting, India was designated as the host country for the conduct of 2017 ISSF World Cup Finals in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun events which will be held in N...
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  • ISSF - ISSF Administrative Council: new ISSF Rules and Regulations approved

    NRAI, Jun,30 2016 :

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  • Shooter ID Cards issued by the National Rifle Association of India

    NRAI, Dec,04 2015 : Off late, it has been brought to our notice that several shooters are misusing the Shooter’s ID Cards. Hence, it has become necessary for issuing this Advisory. 

    All recipients of this circular are required to forward applications for Shooter’s ID Cards only in such cases, where the shooters have participated in atleast one District level competition. The proof of this must also be attached along with the application of Shooter ID Card. 

    Compliance and cooperation of all concerned is hereby solicited. 

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    NRAI, Nov,03 2015 : The norms for selection of shooters (Rifle/Pistol) for National Squad 2017 are notified as per attachment.

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    NRAI Delhi, Jul,29 2015 :
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  • Proposed amendments in "Arms Rules"

    Delhi, May,03 2015 : The Ministry of Home Affairs has circulated draft Arm rules and has invited suggestions/objections on the same. Members/Shooters are requested to send their opinion on the same for onward submission to Ministry of Home.
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The latest provisional score of Rifle/Pistol(Senior) Events are attached herewith. 

Shooters are requested to go through their respective ranking. Please info...
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The latest ranking of Rifle/Pistol(Juniors) Events are attached herewith. 
Shooters are requested to go through their respective ranking. Please inform NRAI in case of ...
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Shooting Calender 2017-2018 updated as on 26.08.2017
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